Witness & Co Stays Busy
By Oz Online | Published on November 2, 2015

Video of a fully illustrated world for character ‘Katie’ to learn about the benefits of the UPS Access Points network.

Witness & Co, a multi-cultural motion graphics, animation and post-production studio in Atlanta, has been busy of late. UPS needed a creative way to share a video with its internal team and keep them excited about the future of the company. It is difficult to reach a team of 400,000 employees and convey important information to them. With experience in creating many successful projects for UPS in the past, the Witness team applied lessons learned to the next and brought a storybook to life. Witness used After Effects 2D animation with 3D compositing, resulting in a fully illustrated world featuring the various “super heroes” of UPS banding together to defend the company. The result was a fun, engaging way to convey important information that may otherwise be overlooked. “This project was very unique and entertaining,” said Witness & Co founder Yesael Sumalave. “We had a lot of fun bringing a comic book to life, while preserving the important message.”

The Witness team also helped create a way to convey important information by grabbing the attention of many for Elekta, creating a more human approach to show how Elekta’s cancer treatment works. Using 3D elements, Witness created four pieces explaining the radiation process. The team was able to convey important information that many individuals would find valuable in a way that was more relatable and easier to understand. “By changing the way each character is perceived, we were able to neutralize the subject matter and demonstrate the important information with clarity,” said Sumalave.

As Autotrader becomes more prevalent and more user-friendly, the company needed a fun and engaging way to promote what its offerings. Witness created an interactive, fully animated way to reach the masses with information about Autotrader’s techniques and services. Guiding viewers through a visually appealing narrative gets more interaction and understanding from viewers.

Finally, Mars Drinks wanted to develop fun ways to showcase the need for its products. Witness created multiple short spots that feature ordinary people drinking Mars Drinks and feeling its positive effects. By utilizing bursts of color, fun music and crisp graphics, the team was able to achieve a result that showcases the value of the drinks in a simple way.


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