The Rialto Center’s Year of Revival
By Christopher Winley | Published on May 1, 2024

One year after its revival as a downtown movie hub, the Rialto Center for the Arts, nestled within Georgia State University, is celebrating a jump to the future through its modernized Digital Cinema Projection (DCP) projector and expanded Stewart cinema screen.

Moreover, the establishment edges closer to fulfilling its fundraising objectives in the realm of cinema while gearing up to welcome back the GSU Student Film Festival, marking its return to the venue after a several year hiatus when it was held off-campus. 

During a special ceremony in April of last year, GSU announced upgrades to the screen and projector, marking the culmination of a fruitful fundraising campaign that commenced in 2017. 

These upgrades have empowered the Rialto to continue hosting its beloved year-round live events series and Georgia State University’s student music and stage productions, while simultaneously introducing an exciting new dimension to Atlanta’s film screenings with an enhanced big-screen experience.

“Installing the digital projector and screen gave the Rialto at least one, and in some cases two or three, new special events per month during the last year,” said Lee Foster, Rialto Center for the Arts executive director. “This technology enabled audiences to enjoy several new releases and special events while enabling our events team to engage with the state’s thriving film and television industry to create elevated film premiere experiences.”  

The GSU Student Film Festival will take place at Rialto on May 2, 2024. The event is free and more information can be found online at the gsu-student-film-festival website!

Additionally, the Rialto Center is teaming up with various departments at GSU to establish a film series that will be accessible to both students and the general public. The series aims to showcase popular films and is slated for launch in September.

“We greatly appreciate the generous support of individual contributors and GSU’s campaign support,” said Foster. “They enabled Rialto to evolve from ‘Where Atlanta Meets the World on stage to also include ‘on screen’ in the heart of downtown.”  


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