Teen and Student Involvement in Atlanta’s Film Industry Booms

The booming local film industry is opening up more opportunities for young people.


With movie and television filming booming in Atlanta, more teens and young people are getting involved in the industry. In just the past five years, 16 film and television companies have relocated or expanded to Georgia, and many new companies have popped up. This has provided more than 85,000 jobs in Georgia, opening many opportunities for teens looking for summer jobs, and college students. Most crews on set at projects filming in Georgia are comprised of local hires. These jobs are a great way to make some pocket change, but also a way for young people to get their foot in the door in the film industry. Teens can get acquainted with the types of jobs on film sets and how the behind the scenes work, perhaps inspiring their future career paths.

An organization that comes to mind almost immediately when people think of Atlanta, teens, and film is re:imagine/ATL. This non-profit works with young filmmakers and helps them learn all aspects of the trade. In addition to teaching them and funding their projects, they create events for young people to share their work with Atlanta. The group has had great turnout and success in recent years, showing the youths interest in film today.

Many schools and non-profits have begun teaching skills useful on the sets of Atlanta’s studios. The Georgia Film Academy opened its doors one year ago in response to the increased interest in Georgia. They create their courses to get people out on sets with great speed and efficiency, offering accreditation with 18 credit hours of coursework and applied internships. Georgia State University (GSU) and the Atlanta campus of Savannah College of Art & Design are making sure their programs reflect this film boom. GSU in particular created a new school of Film, Media and Theater, separating film from the Communications school. GSU undergraduate director said they want their students to, “write, produce, and direct their own film here in Georgia rather than waiting for somebody from Hollywood to come in with their scripts and crew.”

If you or your child is interested in trying their hand at the film industry, check out the numerous film camps, workshops, events, and job openings posted on Oz’s social media.