Lighten Up: An Interview with Atlanta Filmmaker Edward Reid
By Oz Online | Published on December 15, 2016

Edward Reid, an Atlanta filmmaker and owner of Vaslov Entertainment, opens up to us about his new project Lighten Up, Jack Kopecky.

Having written, produced, acted, and directed in multiple Atlanta shows such as 64/8, being well known for his unconventional productions is the norm for Reid. He has won film festival awards for his work in the past, and is excited for his new dark comedy project. Co-written, co-produced, and co-starring Reid and Madeleine Pearson, Lighten Up, Jack Kopecky follows the life of a man who after a life full of disappointments, finds his way back to a shred of hope, and his struggles to hold onto that confidence. We reached out to Reid to get some more information about the upcoming project.

What’s important to know about Lighten Up, Jack Kopecky?

Jack is every person who has ever suffered a loss, every person who has battled addiction, and every person who braves the daily haze that clouds the vision of anyone who experiences depression. There are facets of this character amidst his existential crisis that every audience member will see themselves reflected in.

What lessons can be learned from your story?

There’s a quote that goes “You can’t pour from an empty cup-you have to take care of yourself first.” Though it is a dark comedy, the story keeps circling back to the central concept of self-love. Love for family, love for friends, and even love between soul mates cannot be experienced on the deepest level without first being able to love oneself.

How has living in Atlanta affected your filmmaking?

Due to the state’s effective incentive programs, the influx of talent and resources here has been tremendous. While studio-level films have been successful, it has also fostered a thriving independent film community. With so many regular film-related events happening, like “Film Bar Mondays”, we’ve had the opportunity to meet some extremely talented people that are now part of our creative family.

What are your favorite spots around Atlanta to get great film shots?

There isn’t enough room to list all our favorite spots, but our top picks include the endearingly eccentric Little 5 Points area, and the lovely Piedmont Park. Farther north, the quaint historic town of Dahlonega and nearby Amicalola falls are two beautiful vistas we’d love to add to our shot lists in the future.

Do you have a favorite project before this one you’d like to share?

“Lighten Up, Jack Kopecky is the first feature film for our production company, Vaslov Entertainment, to undertake, but we’ve also had great public reception from the quirky 64/8 pilot, and the more darkly comedic TV series The Grand Prince of Moscow. The short film The Meaningful Life of Art and Henry is now in post-production, and we are excited to move forward with its distribution.

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