Ideas United is #WorthThePenny

Award-winning creative studio Ideas United collaborated with CARE on CARE’s #WorthThePenny campaign.

In just one week they wrote, Ideas United filmed, edited and produced their video for this campaign, calling to oppose the proposed cuts to the foreign assistance budget. The video features a girl explaining that the FAB is only one percent of the total federal budget and how the budget cut can affect the lives of women, children, and families in many nations.

The campaign slogan was inspired by the fact that the FAB budget is one percent; meaning only one penny from every dollar spent. #WorthThePenny was created by non-profit organizations throughout the globe, hoping to stop the government from cutting the budget by about one third.

“At Ideas United, we’re focused on storytelling with a purpose,” said David Roemer, co-founder and CEO of Ideas United. “So we are always honored to produce content for CARE, a nonprofit that we admire greatly, and especially for a such an important cause.”

Ideas United, which grew out of Campus Moviefest, has worked together with CARE for over a year to create digital, video, and social campaigns that share the incredible stories of CARE’s global humanitarian initiatives.