Will the Stars Keep Moving to Atlanta?
By Oz Online | Published on May 20, 2019

Stars have been purchasing property in Georgia after filming

Since the major boom in the film industry, many projects have moved to Georgia. So many famous actors and actresses have spent time in Georgia over the last 5 years and many have decided to buy property here as a result. Celebrities like Melissa McCarthy and Jamie Chung purchased homes here last year, and real estate agents are frequently handling calls from more film industry members looking to make the move. McCarthy told the AJC her thoughts about the move following her time in Atlanta filming Life of the Party saying, “I love it so much we’re going to keep a place there. I’m a big sucker for the South. I love how kind and chatty people are. I love L.A., but when you stand in line in Atlanta, or in Chicago, where I’m from, you talk to people. There’s just something about the South that you can’t replace. It’s friendly.”

In contrast, Los Angeles saw its slowest growth year ever, with a decline of over 10,000 people in the Los Angeles County population. The property values, quality neighborhoods, and enticing industry have been a big draw to West coast stars, industry members, and their families. However, there is no telling how the boom in real estate caused by the film industry will be affected by current legislation that has created negative reactions from many people in the entertainment industry. Time will tell if the industry will continue to flourish, and more stars will find themselves wanting to stay in Georgia for good.


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