Where Did That Come From?
By Oz Online | Published on July 3, 2015

On set, the components that make films and television shows come together are sometimes obvious. However, you’d usually never guess what goes into an average day. This is in large part because of the number of vendors it takes to make a production look great and run smoothly.

These are the people who show up and drop off materials before the majority of the crew has even woken up. These are the companies that work in “The Biz” in huge warehouses full of props and back rooms at antique shops. These are the people who supply wallpaper, drapes, and police cars. Everything in a production has to be perfect, and if you want perfection you need experts.

But instead of trying to tell you about all that vendors do and what they supply, we will show you.

  1. Downtown Salon – Art and Display

  2. Sleepy Neighbors Fabrics, Draperies and Upholstery

  3. Local Brewery – Signs & Graphics

  4. Air Conditioning Unit – Air Conditioning & Heating

  5. Trendy Tween – Thrift Shop

  6. Salt Spreader – Hardware, Paint and Lumber

  7. Rent Signage Advertisement – Signs & Graphics

  8. Breakaway Glass – Breakaways – Glass, Furniture

  9. Flyers – Office Services – Photocopies, Printing

  10. Flag – Flags & Banners

  1. Kindergarten Table & Chairs – Table & Chair Rentals

  2. Storage shelves – Office Furniture

  3. Pea-Green Paint – Hardware, Paint and Lumber

  4. Human Figures – Puppets & Puppeteers

  5. Kid-Proof Floors – Flooring and Rugs

  6. Wood Shelf – Prop Houses

  7. Framed Diagram – Picture Framing

  8. Custom Map – Wall Art

  9. Assorted Flowers – Fresh Flowers, Live Plants, Silk Plants

  10. Poster Art – Art and Display

  11. Wood Cabinet – Furniture Rental

  12. Art Drafting Material – Drafting Supplies

  13. Old Shelf – Antiques, Period Items

  14. Toys – Children Toy Store

  15. Glass – Window Treatment

  16. Mini Chalkboard – School Supply Store


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