Vincent Laforet’s Directing Motion Tour 2014 Coming to Atlanta
By Oz Online | Published on June 23, 2014

Vincent Laforet’s Directing Motion Tour covers one of the most important skills that directors are required to master in this day & age and that’s camera movement.

For those who don’t know, Vincent Laforet is a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, director, and a three-time winner of the prestigious 2010 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. In 2005, American Photo named him one of the “100 Most Influential People in Photography.” He has also been commissioned by: Vanity Fair, The New York Times Magazine, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Time, Newsweek, and Life.

This workshop is available for all levels of filmmakers. It will cover the precise cinematic language of motion, how to move not only the camera itself, but also content in front of the camera. The workshop will give filmmakers a solid foundation in camera movement, blocking, lensing, and sequencing, and those who attend will be able to direct any crew precisely and effectively to execute the director’s vision. These skills will assist you in all areas of filmmaking: commercials, webisodes, features, shorts, events, or documentaries.

The workshop will be in Atlanta on Sunday, June 29 at Hotel Capitol Park Atlanta with prices starting at $69 with discount code: DMTPCE. For more information or to purchase tickets/register for the workshop, visit:

Video from Directing Motion website


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