The Walking Dead Spinoff
By Oz Online | Published on September 11, 2014

Wait, what? Yes, reports say that AMC will be making a The Walking Dead Spinoff, and in good timing. Series hits like AMC’s Breaking Bad and Mad Men have both had their series finales, and their recent show Halt and Catch Fire hasn’t been doing too well in ratings. The Walking Dead series has a huge following and this spin off is bound to bring back loyal viewers.

What can viewers expect on the new series? More zombies. The actual storyline hasn’t been revealed, but AMC will not leave their fans disappointed. We do know that it will be taking place in a new location, and could possibly be a prequel to the Walking Dead series. In the meantime, super zombie fans can look forward to the final season of The Walking Dead premiering October 12th which has been rumored to have more plot twist than any other season before.

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