The Dawnseeker to Premiere in Fitzgerald
By Oz Online | Published on August 29, 2018

The Dawnsweeker will premiere at the Grand Theatre in Fitzgerald, Georgia

The City of Fitzgerald Department of Tourism, Arts & Culture proudly released information regarding the premiere of The Dawnseeker taking place in their town. The feature film stars local actor Alexander Kane, and is directed by renowned indie filmmaker Justin Price. Price is a producer and director, known for The Cloth, The People’s Agency, and Snare.

The director of the City of Fitzgerald Department of Tourism, Arts & Culture, Brandy Elrod said that they “are excited to snag the opportunity to host the premiere of the movie ‘The Dawnseeker… The director, producers and all of the stars will walk our red carpet. It isn’t every day that this kind of opportunity to host such a prestigious event comes along. Alexander kept talking about how special his hometown is and talked the director and producers into letting us present them with a proposal to host the premiere. Once we found out we were definitely getting the premiere, we began working on making this event special and every bit as glamorous as what you see at other red carpet events you see on television.”

The event will go all out as a star-studded red carpet event, with a gala dinner to accompany the premiere. Actor Alexander Kane is a local to the area, who takes pride in his childhood home town and is excited to bring an event of this nature to Fitzgerald. Other stars include Jason Skeen, Franziska Schissler and Michael Frazier. The story follows five hired mercenaries in the year 2245 to help replenish the dying sun, of whom Kane plays “York”. They land on a planet where they are far from alone; they must face many challenges to survive. The trailer for this sci-fi action film has had over 12,000 plays on youtube, showing great interest in the release. Preview the trailer below for yourself.


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