Shocker! Ted Mundorff Resigning As Head Of Landmark Theater Chain

EXCLUSIVE: A shocker in the prestige theatrical film. Longtime Landmark Theaters president Ted Mundorff has just resigned, sources said. He has been a fixture at the chain and in the exhibition business for close to two decades. Landmark is the largest dedicated specialized theater chain for indie film in the country.


The chain was recently acquired last December by Cohen Media Group’s Charles Cohen, and there had been a sniff of rumor that changes might be made. This is a developing story and we will keep you posted as it unfolds. Landmark has 252 screens in 27 major markets. The next step is incredibly important as Landmark comprises a major part of the prestige film space. The steward of that brand at this challenging moment in time for independents and moviegoing…well the importance here cannot be overstated.


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