Roswell to focus on film industry and transportation this year
By Oz Online | Published on January 27, 2020

Putting Roswell on the map as a filming location and improving transportation seem to be at the forefront of the city’s plans for this year.

Mayor Lori Henry spoke at the State of the City about the strides the city has been taking to improve Roswell as a filming location. Henry created the Mayor’s Movie Task Forces, which she said is partnered with the city of Roswell, Visit Roswell and the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce.

Henry stated the task force has identified ways to streamline communication for film companies, started taking inventory of city properties that could be used for filming, and helping draft policies for the use of Roswell’s historic homes.

“It is my vision for Roswell to become top filming location in Georgia,” Henry said at the State of the City address. “By making our public buildings and parks available, we can create a revenue stream and continue the process of creating a more sustainable government.”

Local businesses and residents can also list their homes and properties.

Roswell has already become a target location for the film industry. Films like “American Made” with Tom Cruise, “First Man” with Ryan Gosling and Lifetime movie “You Can’t Take My Daughter” have all been filmed in Roswell.

The Georgia film industry brings in a total of $9.5 billion to the state each year. The filming of “You Can’t Take My Daughter” brought Roswell more than $78,000 alone.

In addition to pushing film, Henry also address several of the major transportation projects in Roswell. Roswell and the Georgia Department of Transportation will be working together on the Holcomb Bridge Road Interchange Project “to improve traffic going east and west.”

The city will also build a the Big Creek Parkway bridge over 400 as part of the interchange project. According to the Roswell Department of Transportation, the Big Creek Parkway will be a two-lane road across 400 from Warsaw Road to Old Alabama Road. The project includes a new bridge over 400, and rebuilding an existing bridge over Big Creek on Old Holcomb Bridge Road.

“These three projects are going to transform area of Roswell and make commuting and traveling east and west easier and more convenient for our residents,” Henry said.

Henry also addressed the Highway 9 Historic Gateway Project. The city designed the new road and GDOT will be paying for the construction. According to Henry, GDOT is in the process of right of way acquisition now. Construction is slated to begin in 2023.

The city is also working on realigning Oxbo Road and Oxbo Drive to eliminate the staggered intersection at State Route 9/Atlanta Street and to convert Oxbo Drive to a two-way street between Mimosa Boulevard and State Route 9/Atlanta Street. The project will add new turning lanes and a new traffic signal.

“The city of Roswell’s relationship with GDOT has never been better, is something I am proud of and is a win for the city of Roswell and the state of Georgia,” Henry said.

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