Producers of movie shooting in Georgia say majority of film profits will go to charity
By Oz Online | Published on September 26, 2019

ATLANTA (FOX 5 Atlanta) – The producers of a movie being shot right here is Georgia said their plot has a positive family message and they are taking it a step further by donating the majority of the film’s profits to charity.

The movie is called Game Changer. And you could think of it as a “Bad News Bears” with more of a family-friendly message like giving back.

“We are getting play from people around the world who can’t believe that a film is taking a majority of it profits and giving it away,” said Game Changer producer Richard Tavernaro.

The film is produced by Rock This World Productions whose slogan is Changing the World One Story at a time.

“The overall premise of the film is that you will live a better life if you start living to help other people and not just yourself,” said Joel DeVisser who is the film’s co-writer, producer and star. And he said Game Changer is actually changing movie-making in Georgia by giving back profits to charities in a major way.

“A majority of the production’s proceeds will go to children and family missions that help the poorest of the poor and at-risk children here in America”

Joel plays a big-time, not-so-nice NFL quarterback who is forced to coach a struggling little league team. He hates baseball because his dad, a former big leaguer played by Corbin Bernsen, is also not a nice guy. Building relationships with the kids and a single mom and ultimately his troubled dad…help redirect the egotistic QB to what’s really important in life.

“He just starts to realize how empty and joyless his life was because he had no relationships,” DeVisser said.

The mom is played by Ashley Bratcher who has made a name for herself by staring in Christian-themed movies.

“I think anytime you pour into other people, you get poured into by God,” she said.

The movie also includes former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Smoltz…who knows a thing or two about giving back since it was his foundation that built this ballfield at this Southwest Atlanta Villages at Carver Street YMCA. It is one of the sets for Game Changer.

The movies positive message and charitable donations are not lost or the young actors in Game Changer.

“I think it’s really good because there are a lot of kids and people in need and this is really helping them,” said Manny Mangus.

“When I heard that they are giving this to charity it really melted my heart and I love this so much, said Isabella Zentkovitch.

Twelve-year-old Isbella Zentkovich of Sharpsburg has an interesting acting story. She has played in two R-rated movies shot in Georgia that she hasn’t been allowed to watch.

“So this is a little bit different than anything else you’ve ever done?” I asked.

Yes, it is!” She said that one was a comedy and the other was a horror story. Zentkovich said she was having a lot of fun on the set of Game Changer.

Game Changer should be in theaters soon. Also, Rock This World Productions is taking orders now for a Bonus DVD from the movie, in which it said even more of the proceeds will be going to charity. Find more information at the production company’s website at

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