Outdaring Gravity
By Oz Online | Published on March 16, 2020

Atlanta-based creative studio Elevation has been crafting solutions for the world’s most prominent brands for over two decades.

With a small team of multidisciplinary creatives, the company has created content, commercials and rebrands for companies such as Disney, Cartoon Network, Coca-Cola and many more. Recently, the Elevation team tackled one of their most challenging projects yet: a brand refresh for itself.

“Rebrands start by figuring out what question you’re trying to answer,” said Stephanie Carson, Elevation’s executive producer. “Ultimately, for Elevation, it was a question of ‘What is our purpose?’ Not only what do we do, but how we do it in a way that is distinctly Elevation. We sought to create an identity that instantly communicated that idea.”

The team embarked on a creative process that started with a significant amount of brainstorming, exploring what would evoke Elevation’s brand both visually and linguistically. Ultimately, two words summed up Elevation’s mission: Outdare Gravity. “The phrase ‘Outdare Gravity’ emerged as we considered the original intention of our company’s name,” said Stephen Cocks, Elevation’s founder and executive creative director. “Since our founding, we’ve been elevating brands we love. As we looked to understand what our brand was about, we thought about how we could push that even higher… Outdare Gravity sums up our attitude toward the work that we do, [and] it also acts as a constant call to adventure.”

As part of the rollout of their new branding, Elevation redesigned their website. In addition to their portfolio, team bios and contact information, visitors can peruse a creative sandbox aptly titled “Float.” This page acts as a repository of random animations, sketches, creative tools and whatever else the team at Elevation creates in their spare time. “One of our core missions is to encourage our team to grow as artists. Great work is not born from complacency,” said Carson. “We wanted a place for our team to invent and explore. Not only is it a way for us to keep our skills sharp, it results in some really cool work.”


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