New Study Ranks Georgia in Top 10 for Esports Careers
By Oz Online | Published on February 25, 2024

A recent study released by CSGOLuck has ranked Georgia as a top ten state in terms of the highest potential earnings for game development careers. The selected data focuses on the average annual salaries provided in each state and adjusts them for average consumer spending with the intent to pinpoint the most lucrative states.

As a whole, the global Esports market has a projected volume of $103.80 billion by 2027 with an estimated user base of 91.0 million, making it an attractive field for aspiring professionals. In Georgia specifically, game developers have an average salary of $120,797, securing the eighth highest spot nationally. 

The full list goes as follows:

  1. Idaho – $135,559
  2. Mississippi – $131,158
  3. New Mexico – $126,287
  4. Indiana – $125,105
  5. Iowa – $124,234
  6. Wisconsin – $122,631
  7. Oklahoma – $121,014
  8. Georgia – $120,797
  9. Nevada – $120,242
  10. New York -$117.845

“As a multi-billion dollar business that’s not going anywhere anytime soon, working in the booming industry offers a level of job security that not all industries are able to provide – which is no doubt part of the appeal for many workers,” added a CSGOLuck speaker.


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