Local Filmmaker Debuts First Movie at ATLFF
By Oz Online | Published on May 1, 2018

Local writer and director Takashi Doscher lives a Georgia success story

Takashi Doscher of Georgia premiered his project Still at the Atlanta Film Festival last month. The film was made in Georgia partly due to his relationship with Georgia Film Academy, which exists to train crew skills to increase the amount of locals hired for Georgia-filmed projects. Doscher utilized about 20 Columbus State University students over 18 days of shooting.

In an interview with the Atlanta Business Chronical, Doscher said, “For a lot of them, it was their first time working on a film set. The total size of the crew was about 35, with about 13 cast members. Wilson and Blood are both English actors, and Blood said his first experience filming in Georgia was ‘amazing.”‘

The project was financed by Georgia natives Mathew Murdoch and Joshua Dent, who are credited as executive producers. Other producers include Alex P. Creasia, Craig Miller and Gabrielle Pickle. Post-production work has taken over a year, but the film was ready for its big debut at ATLFF. The team of Georgia natives were particularly excited to premiere Still at such an iconic Atlanta event.

The movie is a suspenseful drama about a lost hiker found by a couple living in an isolated cabin in the mountains. The Atlanta Film Festival describes the movie as being about when “Lily (Madeline Brewer) loses her way on a hike through the Appalachian wilderness, she finds rescue in the form of a peculiar married couple, Ella (Lydia Wilson) and Adam (Nick Blood), who have completely isolated themselves from the outside world. As the couple nurses Lily back to health, she begins to discover evidence of a dark and dangerous secret a century in the making. As Ella and Nick’s mystery begins to unravel, Lily comes to understand the couple’s desperation to keep themselves hidden from the world.”

Doscher is currently in post production on his newest feature, Only. Produced by Tamdor Films, the upcoming post-apocalyptic drama stars Freida Pinto and Leslie Odom, Jr.

A trailer for Still can be viewed at


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