Let Your Inner Nerd Shine
By Oz Online | Published on September 4, 2015

The 29th Annual Dragon Con will be held in Atlanta September 4-7, 2015.

It’s Labor Day Weekend and in Atlanta that means Dragon Con is here! Dragon Con began in 1987 with John Bunnell, David Cody, Robert Dennis, Mike Helba, Pat Henry, and Ed Kramer as the original Dragon Con Board of Directors. 2015 marks the 28th year anniversary, and most of the board members are still a big part of the convention today.

Each year Dragon Con brings in more and more fans dressed as their favorite superheroes, heroines, villains, and creatures from young to old. Dragon Con provides an annual experience for everyone’s inner nerd to shine. Whether someone wants to be Superman or Darth Vader there is something for everyone.

This year Dragon Con is expected to bring in more fans of all sorts considering the numbers from the past. In 1987 there were a mere 1,200 fans and attendance has grown to 52,000 in recent years. The Dragon Con parade throughout Atlanta has become the largest parade with over 3,000 participants with floats of all shapes and sizes.

Each year Dragon Con chooses a charity foundation to support with monetary donations. In the past there has been $45,000 raised for the Georgia Chapter of the ALS Foundation, $40,000 for the National Inclusion Project, $40,000 raised for the Lupus Foundation, and more!

There are many featured appearances from popular shows this year. The CW’s Arrow stars Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy and Fox’s Sleepy Hollow star Nicole Beharie are said to be there along with many others. Full list of this year’s featured guests.

To stay up to date on events, specials, and all things Dragon Con check out their social media links on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

And for all you attending Dragon Con this year, have a fantastic time, and “May the force be with you.”


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