LCW Props, Atlanta’s Best Prop House
By Oz Online | Published on November 14, 2023

Over two decades ago, a small recycling company opened its doors in California. The business started to accumulate quite a collection of odd items in all shapes and sizes, leading movie studios to visit in search of the perfect props to rent. This dynamic ended up birthing a premiere prop shop, LCW Props. 

Although it was initially founded in California, the company was doing enough business in the Hollywood of the South that, “It just became a situation where we felt we could have a brick-and-mortar place here and just centralize everything here for the East Coast,” explained Vice President, Luke Zoeller.

While prop houses typically specialize in typical objects like furniture, food, and weapons, LCW Props has a robotic focus.

“We have a lot of working robotic type stuff, big stuff that lights and blinks and moves,” added Zoeller. 

This has lured many high profile clients to their 60,000 square-foot south Atlanta warehouse, including the production designers and set decorators for Netflix’s Stranger Things and Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame

“They build the set from props here, work with their own departments, then that’s how the sets get created,” explained Zoeller. “We get asked to build something that definitely doesn’t exist — a large martini glass where models can sit in, just about anything you can imagine.”

As Atlanta’s robust film scene continues to grow with the development of projects like Assembly Atlanta in Doraville and Great Point Studios in Douglasville, LCW Props is looking forward to a busy future.

Video Courtesy of LCW Atlanta


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