Johnnie Cochran Biopic Chooses Atlanta as Film Location
By Oz Online | Published on October 20, 2017

Biopic about famous attorney Johnnie Cochran will film in Atlanta next year.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Cochran will directed by Taylor Hackford; production should begin in January 2018. Anthony Mackie will star as Cochran, and Elizabeth Banks will play Mary Neiswender, an investigative reporter.

This biopic will focus on a case of police brutality resulting in the suspicious death of student and college football player Ron Settles. In 1981, Settles was arrested for speeding and found hung in his cell at Signal Hill Police Department (hence the biopic’s working title of Signal Hill). The film shows Cochran and his work to disprove the ruling of a suicide and find justice for the family of Settles.


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