House Bill 1180 Curbs Georgia’s Film Tax Credit
By Oz Online | Published on March 21, 2024

The Georgia House has backed HB 1180 to increase qualification requirements for the state’s film industry tax credit, which has played a significant role in establishing Georgia as a premier destination for film production.

Currently, production companies can claim a tax credit starting at 20% after spending $500k on films, TV shows, music videos, or commercials in Georgia. For an extra 10% credit, movies or TV shows can include Georgia’s peach logo in their ending credits. 

But now, lawmakers are looking for a little bit more to qualify for this preferential tax treatment. Specifically, they are proposing a bill where the spending threshold would increase from $500k to $1 million. For the extra 10%, they are proposing that production companies should meet at least four out of ten criteria, including activities like filming in rural Georgia locations and using Georgia-based production music as well as hiring local workers and businesses for pre- and post-production. 

Due to the stricter tax credit requirements, many are concerned that, “independent filmmakers will simply leave and conduct their business in other states,” said Jill Helton, the owner of Pigmental Studios which is currently under construction in St. Mary’s, Georgia. 

If fully approved, the bill would take effect in 2026. 


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