New Hotel Opens Next to Trilith Studios
By Oz Online | Published on March 13, 2024

Trilith Guesthouse, a recently-built hotel situated in Fayetteville, has opened right across the street from Trilith Studios, the second largest film studio in America. 

The five-story hotel holds 193 rooms that feature an “apartment-style” to create more of an at-home feel, facilitating longer stays. Additionally, the street level has a southern-style restaurant called Prologue Dining and Drinks while Oliver’s Twist Bar & View is open on the rooftop.

Part of the motivation for the hotel is to provide accommodations for the thousands of film industry workers who flock to a mega studio like Trilith for their various projects. Each room is equipped with a workspace and an artisan pantry to assist any patrons who are there for film related reasons.

At this moment, Stranger Things is filming its final season at Trilith Studios, indicating that some hotel’s first patrons could be members of the cast & crew

The hotel is part of the national Marriott chain, and rates for a room with a king bed and garden view start at $187 per night. 

To see more of the hotel or to book a room, check out Trilith Guesthouse!


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