Governor Deal Talks About the Film Industry in Georgia
By Oz Online | Published on March 11, 2014

On March 11 Governor Nathan Deal spoke about the film industry in Georgia. He quoted a report from a nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles that stated that Georgia placed fifth worldwide when it comes to budget value from filming. According to this study, only Canada, the United Kingdom, California, and Louisiana (in that order) topped Georgia. Governor Deal states that the tax incentives that Georgia offers to filmmakers is probably what draws them to the state. The state offers filmmakers a thirty percent tax credit to filmmakers that shoot in Georgia which, Deal notes, was made into “a tax credit that can be sold and [is] an additional incentive for the companies to come” to Georgia to film. Georgia offers around $200 million in annual incentives for the entertainment industry which has created an economic impact of around $3.1 billion.

Georgia offers around 5,000 crew members (both union and non-union) for the companies to hire and around 80 companies trying to provide the support needed for filmmaking in the state. Film companies seem to be highly incentivized through tax benefits and local workers/talent- since 2010, eleven studios have started or begun expanding in the state. In 2013, Governor Deal states, 23000 jobs were created through the film industry and around a 1.3 billion annual payroll was paid through that industry. Deal says that Georgia has “permanency” in the film industry and believes that it will remain that way.


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