Time Travel through Ancient Egypt in Poncey-Highland
By Oz Online | Published on May 8, 2024

Atlanteans can travel back in time with Horizon of Khufu, a captivating voyage through Ancient Egypt, slated to begin operations in the Poncey-Highland neighborhood. 

The virtual reality experience beckons guests to venture to the Great Pyramid of Giza – a marvel among the world’s seven wonders – and the legendary domain of the Pharaohs. This immersive journey shines a light on the magnificence of Ancient Egypt’s rich history and culture

The 45-minute virtual adventure sprawls across 11,000 square feet of breathtaking terrain. Participants will venture on a virtual odyssey, unraveling age-old mysteries and delving into the labyrinthine tombs of Pharaoh Khufu, before setting foot in the Giza Necropolis, the location of the three Great Pyramids. As the expedition progresses, attendees will traverse the serene currents of the Nile, learn about mummification rituals, and partake in the solemn funeral rites of King Khufu

Horizon of Khufu harnesses an extensive array of archaeological and historical insights to revive a civilization erected four millennia ago, faithfully reproducing its dimensions and historical accuracy.

The designs were created by Excurio, a trailblazer in immersive cultural encounters, and in collaboration with Egyptologist Peter Der Manuelian, creator of the Giza Archives Project at Harvard University. 


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