By Oz Online | Published on July 12, 2017

May 20-21 – Atlanta’s gathering of the makeup and FX makeup tribe took place at its home stomping grounds of The Engineer Guy in Hapeville for two days of sculpting, casting, makeup tutorials attended by professional and enthusiastic aficionados.

“Working With Plaster” with American Gypsum representative Michael Intorcia

Among the notables in the effects community were SyFy channel Face Off contenders and winners Roy Wooley, Todd Debreceni and Connor McCullough. Cartoon Network’s Shane Morton regaled the crowd with tales of his rock-and-roll approach to tackling effects and mascot building. Along with the effects crowd, companies such as Auburn Avenue Films, AFX, and others gave the production side advice to aspiring film professionals.

A major highlight was a foam latex curing oven hand built by Die Hard 2’s Todd Debracini that was won in a giveaway by a 15-year-old aspiring effects prodigy.