By Oz Online | Published on June 26, 2020

Wednesday evening, the Senate Rules Committee amended HB 1035 with new language that would cut all tax incentives, including those for film production, by 10% for one year. In the wake of this decision, which many in the film community believe could be detrimental to the industry, film companies across the state have called for action.

Film Impact Georgia (FIG) called for members to reach out to their senators with messages about how the film industry has impacted them positively and the enormous economic impact the industry has. “In the wake of the trying year that we have all experienced and the formidable efforts being put in to roll back up, it is more important than ever that we not jeopardize that investment or make our industry appear unstable,” FIG’s email read.

Other organizations have expressed similar concerns. The Georgia Screen Entertainment Coalition noted in an email how Gov. Brian Kemp and many in the Georgia Legislature have lauded the state’s film industry in the past months for their work in jumpstarting the state’s economy. The email mentioned film and television companies’ plans to bring back and hire 40,000 workers who would work on 75 productions, investing over $2 billion into the economy over the next 18 months.

“This bill will jeopardize that investment and will harm a rapidly growing industry that has become a major economic driver for our state,” the coalition’s email stated.

Film Impact Georgia also encouraged members of Georgia’s community to not overreact to messages coming from outside the state and to remember the bill is a reaction to Georgia’s budget specifically. If HB 1035 passes the Senate, the legislation must then be approved by the House, which is expected to occur today.


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