Bringing Sleepy Hollow to Atlanta: An Interview with Lyndie Greenwood

Lyndie Greenwood, co-star of the hit series Sleepy Hollow, has enjoyed Atlanta so much throughout her time filming she decided to purchase a house in Georgia.

Lyndie Greenwood; Photo Credit: Irvin Rivera

She has played recurring cast member Jenny Mills since the beginning of the series in 2013. Sleepy Hollow moved production to Atlanta in 2015 and premiered the first episode of its’ fourth season this past week.

Lyndie, who has been in Atlanta throughout the filming, took the time to answer some questions about her experience with our local film industry.

What are you most excited for in this upcoming season?

We have some awesome new characters this season who bring a lot of new life, humor, and dynamic to the show. We’ve also moved the setting from Sleepy Hollow to DC which means we have some awesome new sets, which I always love.

What has been the highlight of being part of Sleepy Hollow?

It’s been really cool to stay with this character, Jenny Mills, for a few years now – to watch her grow, and live her almost as a second life. I’ve loved getting to know various cast members over the years, and getting to know the different places where we’ve had the pleasure of shooting. And of course, having a steady job as an actor is always a blessing!

What has been the best part of filming in Atlanta for you?

I love Atlanta! I love the food, the people, and the easy access to green space. I actually bought a house here this season, and I plan on sticking around.

Greenwood as Jenny Mills

Has filming in Atlanta influenced any aspects of the show?

I don’t think it’s influenced any aspects of the show, really. We’d already established the look and feel of the show for two years in Wilmington, NC, before we moved here, so in many ways we were just trying to maintain what we’d established while shooting in a new place.

What would you like to see happen in Atlanta’s film industry going forward?

I’d like to see a movement towards more environmentally friendly sets. I know that a lot of initiative could be taken by the production company’s themselves, but if Atlanta enforced some standards with respect to recycling, for example, I think it could really help.