Atlanta Welcomes Thrive Acting Hive
By Oz Online | Published on January 12, 2024

Thrive Acting Hive has jumped into the Atlanta talent training scene. The professional acting studio provides a variety of offerings, including on-camera and on-stage courses, audition taping and coaching, summer camps, career consultations, workshops, headshots, and reels. These services cater to actors of any age and experience level, all within a cutting-edge facility located in the heart of metro Atlanta. 

“With Thrive, I not only get to continue fiercely celebrating and supporting Atlanta talent, as always, but also now do so surrounded by respected peers in a breathtaking space, ” said Thrive’s Founder and Georgia-native, Clifton Guterman. “There’s a pervasive myth that optimism and kindness is near-impossible in our competitive and intense industry. I am living proof, however, that a person choosing to tell stories for a living can remain positive over a multi-decade career, forge beautiful and productive partnerships, and rely on work ethic and training to push through the noise and negativity.” 

Situated in the lively Poncey-Highlands neighborhood of Atlanta, “The Hive” is a 1600 square foot space boasting three studios, a classroom/performance area, and a lounge displaying exposed brick with a vintage wood theme. The space also includes amenities such as a kitchenette, a mix of vintage theater chairs and modern seating, and a lending library.

Their training offerings include six-week core courses, five-hour workshops, and virtual chats with professionals. Additionally, three-day minicamps are offered for kids between the ages of 12-17 who get the opportunity to make a movie or stage a play together. The minicamps conclude with a screening or live performance which friends and family are invited to attend. 

Thrive has also partnered with Atlanta-based Owenby Photography to facilitate the headshot process by welcoming photographers to “The Hive” for a mini-session once a month, while another exciting announcement about a demo reel partnership is in the works. 

As Thrive gets situated in Atlanta, they are planning an “Open Hive” housewarming event in January or February of 2024 to provide an in-depth look at what The Hive can do. 
To learn more about Thrive and its upcoming events, visit Thrive Acting Hive!


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