World of Esports: Atlanta to Africa
By Oz Online | Published on July 4, 2024

BARBAH Games, an Atlanta-based company, is partnering with TechnOrganic to introduce young Africans to the vast opportunities available in esports and the gaming industry.

The esports industry has a bright future as its market size is projected to reach $7 billion by 2030. Furthermore, esports talents can translate to college scholarships and substantial prize money at tournaments worldwide.

BARBAH’s founder, Andrew Muriuki, is looking to strategically introduce Fortnite to African children. While Fortnite hasn’t gained much traction there yet, Muriuki is optimistic that Disney’s partnership with Epic Games, the owner of Fortnite, could significantly enhance its global fanbase.

The impact of Fortnite is more than just teaching kids how to play a video game. It has evolved into a gaming world where players can monetize their own designs within the creative economy. 

Gamers have the opportunity to design their own Fortnite maps and earn income as their creations attract more participants. Muriuki sees esports as a potential gateway to integrating gaming into education, ultimately imparting valuable technological skills.  

For more information about the initiative, check out the BARBAH Games website.


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