Welcome To The Future Of PC&E

PC&E, Georgia’s premier provider of film industry equipment, recently appointed a fresh board of directors and new corporate officers. These administrative changes have come at the right time as the film and television industry in Georgia spent $4.4 billion across 412 productions in the 2022 fiscal year, and now, PC&E is primed to support the industry’s high capacity.

The new corporate officers include: Mark Woffard, President & CEO, Angela Ham, CFO, Garrett Murck, Secretary, The new board of directors features:, Debra Shoaf, Board Chair, Chief Financial Officer at the Atlanta Community Food Bank, Jeff Doud, Board Secretary, Founder & Creative Director, Jeff Doud and Associates, Angela Ham, Chief Financial Officer, PC&E, Jerry Pece, First Assistant Director, Directors Guild of America, Beth Talbert, Vice President & General Manager of Operations, Eagle Rock Studios.

“We’ve put together a fantastic Board here at PC&E with great industry experience,” said the firm’s new CEO, Mark Wofford. “I’m looking forward to working with them as PC&E continues to serve our industry.”

The previous Board included Debra Castles Smith and Andre Schnabl and was chaired by the founder of PC&E, Doug Smith, who served as CEO until he retired in 2018. Now, this new slate of directors and corporate officers are eager to build on the successes of their predecessors.

“We’re always working to keep the equipment we offer on the cutting edge. In fact, in 2020, PC&E made a major investment in the BoltX, a high-speed, motion-controlled cinebot,” said Wofford. “Also, the demand for PC&E’s three soundstages is increasing, with several booked months in advance.”