“The Campaign” inks deal with The Fantasy Network
By Oz Online | Published on May 11, 2021

“The Campaign” – a comedy/fantasy web series produced by Action Show Studios – has signed with The Fantasy Network to stream their original episodes. The series, about gamers physically transported into the world of their role-playing adventure, will be available on The Fantasy Network beginning August 27, 2021.

“The Campaign” centers around seven close friends – Rick, Barbara, Henry, Dana, Lee, Preston, and Sid – who, after 10 years, have reconnected at their high school reunion. After the reunion, they head to Sid’s house and pick up with their old role-playing game. Things get a little too real when they are transported into the game itself – complete with orcs, goblins, and evil wizards. The group now has but one campaign objective – find a way home.

“After watching the first episode,” Fantasy Network Founding Partner Ben Dobyns, said. “I was totally hooked. ‘The Campaign’ will be a fantastic fit for our audience.” Matthew Metzger created “The Campaign” and echoes Dobyns’ sentiments. “The Fantasy Network is the perfect home for our show. It gives us an opportunity to introduce ‘The Campaign’ to a wide and engaging audience. I can’t wait.”

Action Show Studios producer and director Josh Warren spoke about the working relationship with The Fantasy Network. “They’re very supportive of independent content creators. And they work with shows to help make them a success. Which is refreshing.”


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