The 2024 Atlanta Children’s Festival
By Oz Online | Published on June 5, 2024

Kids Video Connection, Inc. is ready to roll out the 17th edition of the Atlanta Children’s Film Festival (ACFF) from June 7th to June 23rd, 2024. 

This year’s festival will include screenings and interactive workshops tailored for kids, teens, and industry experts.

“The ACFF programming aims to expand children’s imaginations, teach media literacy, guide youth in creating their own positive media content, and introduce youth to careers in film & media,” explains the ACFF Director, Alesia Johnson. “I’m excited that our simple idea to show positive films that would encourage and inspire youth has grown over the years.”  

This year, in-person workshops and the Intro to Filmmaking Camp are making a comeback. In previous years, organizers had to utilize a hybrid model because of Covid, but this time, students will get the chance to participate in studio sessions and work alongside seasoned film crews to bring their projects to life.

The ACFF is also teaming up with the DeKalb County Public Library for a Media Fair at the Decatur Conference Center on June 21. This event will offer an array of captivating activities, games, and exclusive film viewings, all provided free of charge for children aged 5 to 17.

Additionally, Family Day at Emory University will take place on June 22. 

For more information, check out the Atlanta Children’s Film Festival wesbite!


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