The 100 Hour Film Race Returns to Atlanta
By Oz Online | Published on November 23, 2016

The 100 Hour Film Race begins December 8th.

This is an international competition that invites film-makers of all types and skill level to create a film within the 100 hour time requirement.

On December 8th, all entrants will be emailed the theme, a prop, and an action, that must be used within their film. Competitors will then have 100 hours to conceptualize and create a short film that is capped at eight and a half minutes long. Filmmakers are given artistic freedom on their film as long as they use the required elements, creativity is encouraged.

Of the submissions, the top 10 finalists from all over the world along with the Southeastern submissions will be screened at the award ceremony at the Strand Theater in January (date TBA). A feature film of the top 10 finalists work will be created for purchase and to commemorate the art. The facilitators of this event urge people of all ability levels to consider submitting, to learn and have fun with your craft.

If you are interested in competing in this years film race, make sure to register your team at


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