Recording Studios Under Fire from Atlanta Legislation
By Oz Online | Published on December 8, 2016

Imagine if you needed a special use permit from the City of Atlanta every time someone wanted to record within the city limits

The proposed Z-16-069 Ordinance in essence will make it a requirement for anyone wanting to record in the City of Atlanta to have a special use permit from the City of Atlanta. We at Georgia Music Partners are troubled by this recent proposal by Councilwoman Felicia Moore as it will detract future growth opportunities within sound design, sound recording and post production audio studios. There are over 20 studios that operate in the city of Atlanta. Many of these studios have brought millions of dollars into the city’s economy, created jobs and help nurture the homegrown talent that has given Atlanta its prominence in the music industry worldwide.

GMP is also actively engaged with educators, and working alongside state leaders on music tax incentives to promote growth opportunities for live and recorded music. We are working to attract investment dollars and want to attract music technology companies to headquarter here. This ordinance, if passed, as written would deter and detract those opportunities within Atlanta. As we look for opportunities to compose, record and score music for film/TV/advertisements which will help grow the entertainment economy, a restriction such as the one proposed could keep that business from developing in our area.

Developers and investors are working to establish live/work creative environments to attract professional millennials, for example, The Atlanta Dairies and Westview communities. Sound designers, music engineers and producers that could operate in home offices in these buildings won’t be able to do so, as they are within residential districts. Currently GMP is working with state lawmakers to study opportunities for the state to compete with other states to attract the creative industries. It is proven that a vibrant music economy helps attract businesses across all industries.

Please join us and voice your concerns at the next Zoning Review Board (ZRB) Public Hearing today December 8th when they will consider the Ordinance. The Zoning Review Board public hearings are held in the City Council Chambers on the second floor of the Atlanta City Hall Annex downtown at 55 Trinity Avenue, Suite 3350, Atlanta, GA 30303.

The hearings begin at 6:00 p.m. We will be meeting as a group at 5:45pm.


If you are unable to attend the meeting, please write a letter ASAP to the Zoning Board to voice your opposition.

If you cannot attend and want to send a letter to the ZRB Staff for distribution to the Board members:


Charletta Wilson Jacks

Secretary to the Board

[email protected]

Taylar E. Thompson

Administrative Assistant, Sr.

[email protected]

ZRB Members

  • David A. Coleman, Chair

  • Keyetta Holmes, Vice Chair

  • Dr. Steven D. Lee, Sr.

  • Calvin Lockwood

  • Mark Reece, AIA

  • Joe Alcock

  • Michelle Falconer

  • Ryan Glover

Georgia Music Partners is an advocacy coalition of music industry professionals, educators and artists. We exist because we know that creating and studying music matters for our schools and our economy. We have worked with local and state lawmakers for over 6 years to help create more job opportunities and attract music businesses to Atlanta as well as Athens, Macon, Savannah and Augusta.


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