New Advocacy Group to Protect Georgia Tax Credit
By Oz Online | Published on October 4, 2018

The Georgia Screen Entertainment Coalition launched in September

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce put together an advocacy group in an effort to protect the film industry in Georgia. The GSEC will be a resource statewide on the entertainment industry in Georgia. The goal is to help keep legislation benefiting the film industry.

Steve Mensch, president and general manager of studio operations at Tyler Perry Studios is also the vice chairman of the GSEC and has said, “We want to make sure there’s a single voice speaking on behalf of the industry. Our position is that the legislature has done a terrific job in creating the business climate. We want to make sure it stays that way.” Also on the board are John Rooker as Treasurer form Atlanta Metro Studios, Ryan Millsap from Blackhall studios as secretary, and Kelsey Moore as Executive Director.

Chris Clark the President and CEO of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce spoke on the coalition saying, “The founding members of GSEC represent Georgia’s top industry and private sector leaders … united by their commitment to protect and promote the screen entertainment industry in our state. With the incredible economic impact this industry has on our state, we’re proud to introduce GSEC as the united, cohesive voice of the industry at the Capitol.”

The Film, Television and Digital Entertainment industry is responsible for bringing in about $10 billion a year, making it an industry that many are eager to protect. Georgia is now the host of hundreds of productions a year, and with new training programs and schools opening to provide training, the future is bright. The GSEC will do its part in keeping the industry a key part of Georgia’s annual revenue.


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