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"The Harvest" | Douglas A. Blackmon


Douglas A. Blackmon

About the Documentary

Pulitzer Prize-winning Atlanta-based author Douglas A. Blackmon looks back on his experience as a member of the first class of Black and white children to attend all 12 grades together in Leland, Miss., in his new documentary, “The Harvest.” The film has already been named a finalist for the Library of Congress Lavine / Ken Burns Prize for Film.

“The Harvest” is distributed internationally by PBS International

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    Julio Qintana's -  

    Video by Mucho Mas Media

    The Long Game tells the true story of grit and boundless ambition that turned the golf world upside down.Based on the book, Mustang Miracle by Humberto G. Garcia and set in 1956, The Long Game follows the story of JB Peña and his wife, who move to the small town of Del Rio, TX, to fulfill JB's dream of joining the prestigious Del Rio Country Club. When JB is rejected on the basis of his skin color, he is devastated. But his world soon collides with a group of young latino golf caddies who work at the country club, and JB is inspired by the handmade course the boys built in the country to teach themselves golf. With little experience and even fewer resources, JB convinces the boys to start their own high school golf team, starting them all on a journey where they learn that it takes more than just golf skills to make history.Starring: Jay Hernandez, Dennis Quaid, Julian Works, Jaina Lee Ortiz,
    Oscar Nuñez, and Cheech Marin.

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    Maxine's Baby -  
    The Tyler Perry Story

    Video by Prime Video

    Writer, actor, filmmaker, studio head and media titan, Tyler Perry, is America’s consummate multihyphenate. But underneath this entertainment behemoth is a man working humbly to heal his childhood trauma by transforming his pain into promise. Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story, a nod to his mother’s love, is a tender and intimate portrait of visionary and innovator Tyler Perry: his harrowing but faithful road to the top of an industry that didn’t always include him. With unfettered access, first-time directors Gelila Bekele and Armani Ortiz lead us into the inner-world of a man, whose story has never fully been told, as he becomes a father and a media mogul with a mission to pave his own road to the top. The product is a profound lesson on remembering where you came from to know where you want to go.

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    Meet Mamá - DENISE SANTOS

    One of Oz Publishing's featured 'Amazing Women,' Actress and Producer, Denise Santos is a long time resident of Atlanta, GA, a Miami, Florida native, and of parents from Ecuador. She is best known for her Emmy nominated, NFL Super Bowl LVII Commercial and her roles on Long Slow Exhale (Paramount), MacGyver (CBS), The Resident (Fox), and Family Blood (Netflix).

    Denise is also the founder and organizer of Latinas in Media Atlanta and Latinx Filmmakers Atlanta. LIMA, founded in 2017, is best known for producing showcases featuring original one-act plays directed and performed by local talent to the community and industry professionals.

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    Georgia's Film Industry -  
    A Homegrown Success Story

    Video by Georgia Chamber

    GSEC’s Executive Director, Kelsey Moore, discusses Georgia’s thriving film industry and its significant economic impact on the state. Georgia's success — and its extensive infrastructure of stages, vendors and crew — is the direct result of investment by thousands of Georgians and Georgia businesses.

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    Bo legs - An Atlanta Story

    By ADelin Gasana

    The Honorable Marvin S. Arrington, Sr.’s life story is the centerpiece of a new independent documentary film. For the new wave of Atlanta residents flooding the market the name may not be well-known. His name does not grace the main thoroughfares that snakes through the city. Even coming after the generation of Atlanta’s Civil Rights icons his name rarely compares. But for an older generation of Atlantans Marvin Arrington, Sr. is a popular and transcending figure.

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    Mama Jan - Breath

    Video by Mama Jan Music

    Breathe - the latest song written and performed by "Mama Jan" Smith, recorded and produced in Atlanta, GA at Homegirl Ent./Jan Smith Studios. The brilliantly executed lyric video was created by Mil Cannon (Imagemil). Smith and long-time bandmate, Peter Vogl recorded all acoustic guitars at her Atlanta-based studio with colleague Jesse Owen Astin (JOA) engineering. JOA later added a Moog synthesizer and pad, and Smith roughed in a string sketch. Rounding out the production, Christian Howes wrote a brilliant string arrangement and recorded authentic violins, violas, and cellos onto the track. The song was mixed by Shawn Grove with Mama Jan, and was mastered by Rodney Mills Masterhouse in Duluth, GA.

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    Support Georgia Filmmakers - Film Impact GA 2023

    Video by Film Impact Georgia

    Moonshine Post gives a glimpse into the incredible independent films being made right here in Georgia. Thanks to Film Impact Georgia for help on this project. Shout out to Moonshine Post's editor Kristina Kromer for her work on this trailer. Props to the Georgia independent creators that sent in their work! We love ATL!

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