Ghosted In Atlanta
By Oz Online | Published on May 25, 2023

Chris Evans and Ana De Armas are traveling the world from home in Apple TV+’s new series Ghosted. The recently-released action and romantic comedy show starts off simple with Evans playing just a regular guy, but it spirals quickly when he tries to track down a girl who ghosted him and finds himself in the middle of an international CIA operation. 

A few scenes were filmed in New Mexico, but the movie was primarily filmed in Atlanta, where the international sets were built. Making Atlanta look like a Pakistani marketplace is no easy task, but the city’s extensive film infrastructure was able to design and build it in just six months. 

“We built this wonderful market square in Atlanta, believe it or not,” said Production Designer Claude Paré. “The facades are crooked and shabby and almost falling apart, as if they were built in medieval times. One of the background players was from that part of the world and she said it made her feel right at home.”

The same can be said for other scenes in the series, “We shot it in Atlanta but it looks like the Middle East, with goats and camels and every kind of unique visual we could find,” explained Paré. “That said, some of the exterior shots of the Middle Eastern desert were filmed in New Mexico—including the movie’s stand-out set piece, in which Ana de Armas drives a bus backward in a high-speed car chase.”

Furthermore, VFX Coordinator J.D. Schwalm confirmed that, “The beginning and end of the 180 [chase scene] were done in New Mexico, where the stunt driver was actually able to crank it around. The middle of that turn, where they’re going out over the cliff edge, was done in Atlanta on a big six-axis motion platform. We put the bus on top of a rig and then rotated it around in front of a blue screen.”


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