Georgia-Lensed Mea Culpa Streaming Now
By Christopher Winley | Published on April 16, 2024

Mea Culpa premiered on Netflix this February and quickly claimed the top position on the charts. 

The legal thriller centers around Mea, a defense attorney played by Kelly Rowland who finds herself romantically entangled with the defendant in a murder case.

Written and directed by an Atlanta film legend, Tyler Perry, Mea Culpa was filmed primarily in-and-around Atlanta as Perry, whose entire Medea series filmed in Atlanta, has consistently rooted his filmmaking endeavors in this city. 

The metropolitan area is the perfect location to mirror the high-octane lifestyle of an attorney like Mea. From her bustling office to the intimate settings in Zyair’s apartment and the dramatic courtroom scenes, the vibrant cityscape of Atlanta provided the ideal setting. 

Tyler Perry Studios built almost every set used for interior shots, providing a controlled environment that facilitated efficient production. Custom-built sets for apartments and offices were meticulously crafted for the film, while exterior shots were predominantly limited to the studio backlot. 


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