Filming starts on major productions in Thomasville
By Oz Online | Published on November 10, 2019
THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WALB) – Two movies are being filmed in Thomasville.

The production company, Noble Road, is filming a movie called “Quiet In My Town,” which started in October and is expected to wrap in mid-November. Some of the actors are Jonathon Schaech and Annabeth Gish.

“It’s amazing! It’s so exciting,” said Producer Ashley Allen.

Allen has lived in Thomasville for almost two years now.

“It’s just a wonderful place to do life and do films,” said Allen.

Hailing all the way from Los Angelos, Allen said she and her partner moved here to build their production company and studio.

“It’s just so beautiful, you just want to see it on camera,” said Allen.

The group has been in production on their film for the past two weeks and said the community has been nothing less than amazing to them.

“The people here are just so warm and welcoming and that’s been, for us, one of the highlights. Like just this morning, going to the coffee shop and seeing all of our crew there and they get to experience just this amazing community,” said Allen.

The crews aren’t the only people enjoying the experience.

“The movie crews have done a great job in mixing and mingling with the people and just making everybody feel welcomed,” said Thomasville resident Kevin Vick.

Vick said he was given a front-row seat to the creation of a feature film.

“It’s always good to kind of see how it’s done in the background,” said Vick. “It amazes me that it takes so long film to film just a short segment of the film.”

Both he and crew recognize that shooting a film like this can be intrusive, but Vick said he recognizes the benefit for the Thomasville community.

“There are some inconveniences but the benefits far outweigh, far outweigh the inconvenience,” said Vick.

Another movie that’s filming is called “Tiger Rising,” which is a movie based on a book with the same name by Kate DiCamillo. Some of the actors in this movie are Queen Latifah, Dennis Quid and Katherine McPhee.

“Tiger Rising” began filming Thursday and is expected to end sometime in mid-December.

Both films have had open calls for extras and several Thomasville residents have been cast.

There are about 20-30 extra people in Thomasville working on “Quiet In My Town.” There are about 40-50 extra people in town working on “Tiger Rising,” including Alan Cheney, the executive producer and Thomasville native.

The two films are expected to have at least a $1 million impact on the community.

One of the film productions alone is expected to bring in over $300,000 in hotel accommodations for its one month of shooting.

”They have anywhere from about 50 to 80 people that are going to be in and out at all times,” said Thomasville Tourism Director Bonnie Hayes. “You can bet that with the second crew, that’s got around 30 to 50 people and they’ve got to have these people. Of course, you’ve got to feed them three meals a day.”

Both of the film companies are also giving some of the local community members an opportunity to be in the film.

Thomasville Pictures is looking for people of all ages.

[ Want to be cast? Send your name and picture to [email protected]. ]

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