Film Impact Georgia Relaunches “Ask A Pro Anything” Series
By Oz Online | Published on July 15, 2021

Film Impact Georgia, the non-profit organization which offers aid, education, and funding for independent filmmakers in the state, announce the relaunch of their “Ask a Pro Anything” series, connecting established filmmakers with indie creators in the state and beyond.

The series, which takes place over the popular streaming service Zoom, offers an opportunity for screenwriters, directors, producers, and more to discuss how they broke into the industry, got their feature films and other projects off the ground, and anything else on viewers’ minds. The first episode of the relaunch took place in late May and featured actor, puppeteer, and director Drew Massey.

Massey is the co-creator, co-writer, executive producer, and star of Nickelodeon series “The Barbarian and the Troll.” Some of his many other credits include “Sid the Science Kid,” “Men In Black” and “Crank Yankers”. He discussed working on these shows, creating his own content, and otherwise navigating the tricky world of film and television.

“Drew Massey has worked in children’s entertainment for decades as a performer, and now with “Barbarian and the Troll” he finally takes control of his own show that is like nothing else on television,” AAPA co-creator and FIG Events Director, Raymond Carr, said. On “Ask A Pro Anything” we were able to talk to him about how he made that transition and what he’s learned from his first experience as an executive producer/co-showrunner.”

“Drew’s show ‘The Barbarian and the Troll’ is easily the most delightful thing available for streaming right now,” Creative Director, Molly Coffee, said, “and I couldn’t be more delighted to have an opportunity to pick the brain of a creator who has managed to cross the divide between adult entertainment and kid’s entertainment seamlessly and create a show that is so special.”


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