Featured Dogs at Atlanta Dogworks
By Oz Online | Published on February 16, 2015

Atlanta Dogworks’ featured talent includes “Skeeter,” an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie, “Liberty,” a Beagle mix, and “Nevada,” a Border Collie Mix, who have all worked with Cartoon Network, Atlanta Children’s Museum, and PetSafe Training Systems. An impressive Border Collie mix, “Rocco,” has worked on Febreeze and Home Depot commercials.

With such credits as Zombieland, Nightmare on Elm Street, Pepsi, Drop Dead Diva, Verizon and many more, Atlanta Dogworks is your one-stop shop for animal talent and wrangling needs.

You can check out all their featured dogs at:

And all their animals at:

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 4.02.31 PM.png

Photo Credit: Atlanta Dogworks


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