Dog Dreams – “Doritos Crash the Super Bowl”
By Oz Online | Published on January 12, 2015

Semi-finalists for this year’s “Doritos Crash the Super Bowl” features Animal Casting Atlanta’s very own Monarch, a Papillon dog. Monarch has appeared in numerous films with such co-stars as Samuel L. Jackson, Ryan Gosling and John Cusack to name a few. As a show champion, Monarch has a knack for acting, being featured in Atlanta-filmed Drop Dead Diva and Sundance Channel’s Rectify. Monarch stars in Dog Dreams, produced by Eric Haviv and FUGO Studios, which was picked as one of this year’s semi-finalists in the Doritos commercial contest. The commercial shows Monarch dreaming of eating Doritos that have fallen out the back of a truck. Parts of the commercial were filmed with a Phantom Miro camera at 1500 frames per second to give Monarch the slow motion experience. While it wasn’t picked as one of the finalists this year, making it all the way to the semi-finalist level is outstanding on it’s own.

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