Definition 6 Delivers on Super Bowl Sunday
By Oz Online | Published on March 25, 2019

The opening teaser segment for this year’s Super Bowl featured Peyton Manning and John Malkovich in a spot called A Peyton Manning Production.

It was wildly positively received and Atlanta-based digital marketing company Definition 6 (D6) was a major player in concepting, directing and producing the piece.

The 4.5-minute open kicked off CBS’s Super Bowl show and featured Manning and Malkovich working to create a riveting opening tease. It was a sequel to last year’s highly successful AFC Championship Game segment “Teasing John Malkovich.” The D6 team was involved in the concepting and provided assistant directing, editing and sound design, including managing shoots in Denver, Colorado and Rome, Italy.

It’s been viewed almost 300,000 times just on its initial Tweet, 130,000 times on YouTube, and 50,000 times on Facebook. That’s just on CBS Sports’ social channels, not to mention all the sharing and re-tweeting, and of course the almost 100 million fans who watched the game.


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