Cinema in the Classic City: 7 films shot in Athens
By Oz Online | Published on November 7, 2019

Atlanta is nicknamed the “Hollywood of the South” for a reason. But turns out, Athens has made a name for itself in the film industry with documentaries and short films as well. Here is a list of 7 films where you might catch a glimpse of the city you call home

‘Trouble with the Curve’ (2012)

A sports-drama, starring Clint Eastwood, filmed around our College Avenue and Clayton Street located in downtown as well as several other places in Georgia. The movie’s main focus is the relationship between estranged father and daughter relationship, as a baseball scout father deals with aging and accepts her help.

‘Darius Goes West’ (2007)

This film is the real life story of 15-year-old wheelchair bound young man, Darius Weems, who traveled the country to promote the awareness of his fatal disease and raise money for a cure. He travels from his hometown in Athens to Los Angeles to ask members of “Pimp My Ride” to customize his wheelchair.

‘Somebodies’ (2006)

This unrated comedy features a classic a coming-of-age story about a Georgia college student getting involved with pranking classmates, ex-convicts and interesting relatives.

‘Cobb’ (1994)

A historical drama based off book by Al Stump about Ty Cobb, a baseball legend. As Cobb, portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones, approaches death he asks sportswriter Al Stump to write his biography. During the telling of his career and rough past, the two travel to Cobb’s hometown in Georgia to meet with his estranged daughter.

‘Athens, GA: Inside/Out’ (1987)

B-52’s and R.E.M. are two of the leaders to come out of the Athens music scene, and they are just some of the artists who play a part in this documentary covering the most happening music scene of the ’80s in the Classic City.

‘The Green Hand’ (1940)

This short documentary explores a young man’s rocky past which is rewritten by his participation in the Future Farmers of America. It was written by Paul W. Chapman, an agricultural professor at the University of Georgia, who appeared in the film alongside students and faculty from the university and local community

‘Pushin’ Up Daisies’ (2010)

The American comedy tells the story of a documentary filmmaker named Darren and his friend, Anthony, who travel to Darren’s hometown in Georgia where they find a zombie outbreak which foils their plans. Throughout the film, Darren continues to shoot his planned documentary around the living corpses which is presented in the film as “found footage.”

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