Catapult Studios Launches Acting Conservatory
By Oz Online | Published on June 24, 2024

Catapult Acting Studios, a premier institution for film and TV performance studies, is thrilled to introduce the Catapult Conservatory. This innovative new program promises to transform the landscape of on-camera acting instruction in Georgia.

The Catapult Conservatory offers specialized training for actors between the ages of 10 to 25, with a curriculum that includes one course for emerging talents and four for those at an advanced or professional level. 

This comprehensive program spans two semesters/thirty-two weeks and aims to enhance participants’ abilities in both the technical execution and emotional expression required in film and TV acting. The structured curriculum equips actors with the elite preparation necessary for excelling within the industry. Additionally, the program offers continuous educational workshops for parents looking to guide their children’s careers. 

Admission to the Conservatory is selective, based on an audition, ensuring that only the most committed actors are enrolled.

“The launch of the Conservatory marks a major expansion of our commitment to nurturing professional level acting talent for Georgia’s booming film industry,” said Erik Lingvall, the founder of Catapult Acting Studios. “This evolution of Catapult will reinforce our current goal to prepare and launch the careers of actors in TV & Film, both in the Southeast and beyond! The productions are already here. Now it’s time for Georgia to become the hub for the actors as well!”  

The program will begin in August 2024 and take place at the Catapult Acting Studios located in Atlanta.


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