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The Inde Life-Casting Division– Audio Trailer
Published on August 30, 2023

About this Casting Call

Casting Voice Over actors for an audible (podcast) trailer. This trailer will consist of three shows. See roles below:

Luke/Levi: Male. Black. 21-25 yrs old. Luke is a young man just trying to make something of himself. He “finds” valuable things such as diamonds to sell. Levi is a young baseball player. Pay Rate: $100

Mary: Female. Black. 40-50 yrs old. Brothel owner. Well respected in the community and is no one to play with. Pay Rate: $100

Reporter/Commentator 1: Male. Black. 30-40 yrs old. Pay Rate: $75

Johnny/Commentator 2: Male.White. Italian Accent. 25-35 yrs old. Johnny is an Italian “Made man” who frequents Mary’s brothel. Pay Rate: $75

Giovanni: Male. White. Italian accent. 35-45 yrs old. Hustler. Owns several businesses. Pay Rate: $75

Jay The Jeweler: Male. Black. 45-60 yrs old. Booksmart. Older hipster type. Pay Rate:$100

Randy/Cotton: Male. Black. 35-45yrs old. Deep Voice. Cotton is the muscle of the group. Randy is a slickster, greedy type of guy. =Payrate $100

Kofi: Male. Black. 40-50 yrs old. African accent but speaks perfect English. Tour guide and Archaeologist. PayRate: $75

Jayla: Female. Black. 13-15 yrs old. Eclectic inventor. PayRate: $75

Phoenix: Female. Black. 13-15 yrs old. High IQ. Spunky and Adventurous. Pay Rate: $75

Shak: Male. Black. 13-15yrs old. Charismatic Entrepreneur. Pay Rate: $75

Jayla: Female. Black 13-15yrs old. Upbeat personality. Pay Rate: $75

Reader: Male. Black. 50-65yrs old. Older, Southern Georgia, Urban Voice. Pay Rate: $75

If interested in any role(s) above, send an email stating your name, contact info, if you have Voice Over experience, and role(s) you are interested in to [email protected] and we will send the instructions and sides to you.


September 8, 2023


The Inde Life-Casting Division


Paid. Differs depending on role.


Audition / Call Type: General Performers


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