Atlanta Opera Secures Top 10 National Ranking
By Oz Online | Published on January 17, 2024

The Atlanta Opera is breathing rarified air as it becomes one of the top 10 opera companies in the country. By attaining a $15 million operational budget for the 2024-2025 season, the company has been promoted to the “Budget One” category just in time for its 45th anniversary. 

The shift in status is attributed to consistent increases in ticket sales, audience involvement, and fundraising efforts.

“What’s really unique about the spirit of the people is this indomitable, striving for excellence, for putting on the best show ever every time, despite all the obstacles that the world constantly brings us,” explained Timer Zvulun, the Artistic Director at the Atlanta Opera. “Maybe a pandemic, maybe a war, maybe a recession.”

As 2024 begins, the Atlanta Opera still has a few more productions left before the season ends, including The Valkyrie, the second volume of Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle.

“There’s an interest from the country and the world,” added Zvulun. “The Ring Cycle attracts some ring fanatics, some Wagner fanatics, that are coming and traveling all over the world to see those productions because they’re rarely done by opera companies.”The current season concludes in May while more information about the upcoming season is expected in January on The Atlanta Opera!


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