Atlanta Film Chat Joins Indie Film Hustle Network
By Oz Online | Published on February 2, 2021

Atlanta Film Chat, the weekly podcast highlighting filmmakers from all over Georgia, has moved to the Indie Film Hustle network. “I started Atlanta Film Chat along with co-creator Molly Coffee in 2014 to help get the word out to the world about how amazing the Georgia film scene is,” Thomas said. “I’m grateful for everyone at Indie Film Hustle for recognizing the hard work everyone at the podcast has done over the years, and I hope this leads to more eyeballs on everything we’re doing here.”

The Indie Film Hustle network also includes “Shoot From the Heart,” a podcast with award-winning screenwriter Diane Bell, “Filmmaking Conversations” with Damien Swaby, hosted by the london-based filmmaker Swaby, and the original “Indie Film Hustle Show,” hosted by creator Alex Ferrari.

“We are honored to welcome the Atlanta Film Chat Podcast to The IFH Podcast Network,” Ferrari said. “This show has been a staple in the indie film community in the Southeast and we hope to expose this great show to a new and larger audience.”


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