Athens Jewish Film Festival
By Oz Online | Published on July 29, 2016

March 19-22, 2016 – The Athens Jewish Film Festival convened at Athens’ Ciné theater for its eighth annual festival. Selling out for the first time ever, the Athens JFF launched with an evening of cocktails and a chamber orchestra, followed by a screening of Dough, a comedy starring Jonathan Pryce about the difficulties of keeping a business afloat.

Screenings included documentaries and narratives from numerous countries, including Zemene, a documentary following the life of an Ethiopian girl fighting poverty and illness; A Borrowed Identity, a narrative highlighting the disparity between Israeli and Palestinian identities in the face of young love; and Above and Beyond, which tells the story of WWII volunteers fighting for Israel in the War for Independence and opened with a special guest speech from Air Force Lt. Col. Alexander DeGracia.

The festival closed out with screenings of the Athens JFF Shorts Competition winners and a screening of the film Deli Man, an exploration of the national decline of the Jewish deli presented by director/producer Erik Anjou.


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