Art Rental Company Supports Local Artists
By Oz Online | Published on May 6, 2015

Art rentals are a common aspect of set design, but the process of selecting the right pieces and purchasing them can be time consuming to say the least. Action Artwork Rental in Atlanta has simplified and improved the process. Their new website features over 800 pieces of art that have been cleared for film purposes. Their database is easily navigable; industry personnel can search by different categories to locate exactly what they need.

Co-owner Joey Sisson says of his creation:

“After working in the Atlanta film industry for ten years, I realized there was a need for a place to procure cleared art quickly, without hassle and major expense.”

At Action Artwork, film professionals rent prints, which is a faster process and is safer for the original works. Additionally, buyers of multiple prints deal with the team at Action Art, which is much easier than dealing with all of the artists on an individual basis.

By far the most exciting part about Action Art, however, is their focus on supporting local Atlanta artists. Artwork is available from all over the country, but the majority of the works are products of Atlanta talent! Featured Atlanta artists are able to set their own rental prices, and they retain 90% of the rental fees. Action Art Rentals is doing a great job streamlining a crucial aspect of filming, and they’re encouraging the growing Atlanta art scene in the process.

Check out their website here!

Contact info:

Action Artwork Rental

1055 Berne St. SE Atlanta, GA 30316

Phone: 404-622-3044

[email protected]


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