Albany-Dougherty County Reels from Storm Damage
By Oz Online | Published on January 19, 2017

On Monday, January 2, 2017, Albany-Dougherty County experienced a horrific storm including at least eight tornadoes and two damaging hurricane-type wind events.

The devastation covers 132 square miles of massive debris and left 30,000 households initially without power. While many did not get power back until 10 days later, some individuals are still living in powerless homes.

With homes and businesses demolished, Albany and surrounding areas have been left in a complete state of shock and chaos. Over 450 families are currently displaced hopelessly searching for daily bare necessities, with many of those affected by the storm hoping to be declared a federal disaster area.

As a state, it is our responsibility to stand united with one another and help our fellow Georgians in need. If you’re able to influence media, please share this information to get this devastating news brought to the attention of those completely unaware of the destruction and heartache happening within our great state.

While this disaster struck earlier this month, there is still time to make a difference and to help our friends in Albany. If you or someone you know is interested in giving back to those affected, please call 229.483.6214 to coordinate the delivery of resources and donated items. You can also visit the City of Albany’s Disaster Relief Facebook page for assistance and volunteer opportunities.

Please share this information using hashtags #HelpAlbany and #AlbanyStrong. Together, we can be the difference that Albany so desperately needs.


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